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The Process: How Brain Balancing is Achieved!

In simple terms, when we wish to improve our fitness levels, we consult a personal trainer. In the same way, NeurOptimal® (feedback training for the brain) is much like physical training for the body except that it assists the brain with mental training. To explain, when our minds become emotionally stuck, NeurOptimal® prompts the brain to pull itself out of any stuck mental grooves. Basically, NeurOptimal® provides feedback to the central nervous system that encourages the brain to self correct. As a result of training, the user can experience mental shifts that help to make life’s challenges more manageable. Ultimately, any issues are more easily resolved.


A Typical NeurOptimal® Training Session

A training session typically lasts approximately 45 minutes and is very relaxing. The training, which is very simple, consists of reclining in a chair with small sensors placed on the scalp while pleasant music plays through headphones. Images composed of lines and shapes move across a computer screen, with the client hearing occasional “skips” in the music. When the user hears a skip, important information is given to the brain regarding its own function in order to help itself better reorganize and to perform more efficiently. The brain being very powerful uses this information to reset and optimize itself. When a session is over, the client generally feels more relaxed, and mentally alert. Overall the small shifts experienced from training sessions can have a profound impact on every aspect of daily life.



Non-Invasive NeurOptimal® Training

Given the safe and non-invasive training of NeurOptimal® brain training, it does not force the brain in any particular direction but rather it provides the brain with the data it needs to function optimally. The NeurOptimal® system facilitates the brain through a natural process that self-corrects, requiring no effort on the part of the client, as the participant relaxes through the entire experience.


The Addition of Tesla Energy Lights: How it Benefits the User!

Tesla Energy Lights may be used alone or in combination with NeurOptimal® to promote a very relaxed state, which can specifically help the brain produce an increased alpha state that allows the body to reenergize and de-stress. Positive effects have been shown to include better detoxification as well as increased cellular voltage due to the nature of a low energy electromagnetic field. This field also helps to increase awareness while also improving one’s mood and outlook. Increased alpha states allow the body to de-stress and reenergize. Based on personal accounts, there is clear indication that individuals with PTSD and head injuries have reported symptom improvement.

While some methods are difficult to explain or have not been scientifically proven, Tesla Energy Lights brings something very unique to those seeking greater well being and improved mental awareness.

For those eager to experience a more balanced and healthy mind, body and spirit, the Tesla Energy Lights System can help to restore proper energy levels at the cellular level. The powerful technology has the capability to aid the body in healing itself naturally by improving well being more quickly. Furthermore, the Tesla Energy Lights help to bring about a sense of calmness and clarity as many clients claim to experience a peace of mind effect on their bodies and minds.



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