Attention: Retired NFL Players / Ex-Football Players who have received trauma to the head including Concussions or Traumatic Brain Injuries

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DFW Retired NFL Player - Neurofeedback from ConcussionsWho can forget that moment that you see (or for some, feel) a football player knocked to the ground, unable to get up. Every week in the National Football League, a player is sidelined due to a head injury. Often their symptoms are visible and they leave the field to receive medical support. Other times, less obvious warning signs can mean a missed diagnosis and a return to the field.

Research has shown that the long-term health effects of head injuries — including memory loss, depression and even dementia — can pose problems for players long after retirement.*

No matter if you played in the NFL or on your high school football team, these types of injuries are real, and quite serious. For years, prescription medication was the only answer – in which we found wasn’t really the ‘answer’. Retired Football Players are turning to NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback for their peace of mind.

Want to see the scary facts? Take a look at FRONTLINE’s Concussion Watch.


Restore Balance to the Brain

Through the NeurOptimal® system, the brain is given back information that it uses to correct itself and function more efficiently. Bringing balance and peace of mind to the body, mind and spirit, the advanced NeurOptimal® brain training system improves performance in many different areas. This is achieved by monitoring electrical activity and giving the brain information that it can use to function more efficiently. By harnessing the power of the brain, NeurOptimal® helps to support mental clarity, focus and wellbeing all while sitting in a relaxed state.

A Trainer for the Brain

Serving as a trainer for the brain, NeurOptimal® targets balance and optimization. Neurofeedback trainers have reported positive outcomes for individuals coping with symptoms associated with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. In addition to reducing stress, NeurOptimal® helps to promote deeper relaxation, heightened mental clarity, enhanced cognitive performance and increased awareness.

To learn more about NeurOptimal® as well as other energy balancing systems such as Tesla Energy Lights available at Energy Wellness DFW, please browse through the vast information on this website. When you are ready to experience a system that promotes well being and sound mental balance, contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

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