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Energy Balancing Systems: NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback & Tesla Energy Lights

NeurOptimal® is a specific neurofeedback system that can greatly enhance the overall well being of any individual at any age, and is used for adults and children alike with exceptional results. While neurofeedback systems have been in place for over 40 years, due to the advancement of technology, NeurOptimal® is now more readily available and more affordable for anyone interested in advanced brain training.


What is NeurOptimal® and What Makes NeurOptimal® Different?

The distinguishing aspect of NeurOptimal® is that it is designed to work best with each person’s individual brain. NeurOptimal® does not try to fix conditions or determine specific problems but rather allows the brain to make its own adjustments in real time, helping to keep the brain operating at maximum efficiency. It is precisely this specific method that makes NeurOptimal® different from other neurofeedback systems. NeurOptimal® is primarily designed to bring balance to the brain.

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How Does NeurOptimal® Benefit Users?

Today, it is very common to find ourselves struggling with our overall well-being as so many things distract us from experiencing peace of mind. We may feel out of control over our mental, physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing for times when our brains become imbalanced thus needing support for greater functioning. It is through NeurOptimal® and the Tesla Energy Lights system that the brain is restored to maximum efficiency and balance. Chronic stress is a contributing factor of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Focus/Task issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Headaches
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anger
  • Addictions

By training with NeurOptimal® you provide your brain with an effortless stress reduction tool that can help your brain to better manage and to significantly improve these stress symptoms.


NeurOptimal® is Safe and Non-Invasive

NeurOptimal® is a 100% safe and non-invasive system. It is a method used for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness to the user and is approved by the FDA for its effective stress reduction abilities. NeurOptimal® has been shown to enrich the life of users to such an extent that it helps unlock the potential of one’s overall abilities and well being.

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NeurOptimal® Provides Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Primarily, NeurOptimal® training connects the user to an overall positive outlook coupled with a deeper understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. For anyone eager to enhance their wellness and restore balance to the brain, NeurOptimal® training is an exceptional system that can make a significant improvement on how the brain functions and reacts to stressful situations. Individual transformations reported by NeurOptimal® providers  working with clients reporting physical, emotional, and cognitive complaints have been significant. NeurOptimal® keeps the brain healthy and fit and can also help those whose cognitive abilities have been impaired or have declined due to age. In support of the outstanding claims, in November of 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) endorsed neurofeedback for children with ADHD.

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