The Importance of Brain Training

Neurofeedback Brain Training / July 22, 2016

The Importance of Brain Training
By Richard Seldeen
Copyright 2016

For most of us, the importance of exercise is paramount to our overall health and well being. We know that keeping our bodies strong and our systems operating at their highest level of performance, requires taking care of ourselves, which means nourishing our bodies and making sure to enhance our cardiovascular system as well as our muscular strength. These particular actions are just one aspect of our being fit and healthy, for there is another method that can enhance our health even further, which can also create a powerful sense of self-awareness, yet most of us don’t even know what the process entails. A system that can make a drastic difference in our lives and our well being is called Brain Training.


Remaining Healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit!
For years we have understood that to remain healthy, we have to do whatever is necessary to keep our bodies operating at maximum efficiency and although we do our best to keep fit, we don’t realize how stress and anxiety is affecting our brains and our well-being. In fact, it’s rare these days to find someone that isn’t struggling with some form of anxiety, anger or various other emotional disorders, yet it’s very clear that we are all under some form of stress. Stress leads to a lack of efficiency and a decreased overall awareness in body, mind and spirit! This is where Brain Training enters the picture. Brain Training, which is achieved through NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, has proven to assist with any type of stress, brain injury, and emotional anxiety.


What is Brain Training?
While neurofeedback systems have been in place for over 40 years, due to the advancement of technology, brain training is now more readily available and more affordable. We have finally begun to utilize cutting edge brain technologies that help to create specific improvements in brain and nervous system functioning that directly impacts our creativity, intelligence, awareness and emotional health in a very positive way. Today, it is evident that the brain can be enhanced through brain training, thus making our nervous systems calmer and helping us to heal from trauma more quickly. A session of brain training, which is very relaxing, is achieved in a passive state while sitting comfortably in a chair either listening to music or watching a movie. During the session, nothing invasive occurs, but rather the computer system sends back important information to the brain and nervous system on how it is functioning in real time. This specific information is then utilized by the brain, helping it to relax, become unstuck and letting it perform much more efficiently, thus creating a greater emotionally balanced mental state along with a significantly improved level of mental and physical awareness.
How Does Brain Training Work and What Does it Entail?
All too often our brains become imbalanced due to the various stresses we endure in our everyday lives whether it occurs through work, nutritional habits, environmental toxicities, accident or emotional situations. We have become so familiar with our stresses and the results of poor functioning, we accept them as normal. Yet, when the brain is balanced through NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, the nervous system calms, mood improves and we become more resilient to life’s challenges. In other words, our minds and bodies become better able to self regulate, allowing us to be more productive coupled with reaching an enhanced level of self-awareness. With Brain Training sessions, we gain a mental edge that enhances our personal growth, and allows us to better achieve, which ultimately helps us reach far greater goals and accomplishments than we could without brain training.


Brain Balance=Resilience +Efficiency!
We now have the tools to help the nervous system become more resilient and efficient, for NeurOptimal helps to promote deeper relaxation, normalize sleep, heighten mental clarity, reduce stress, enhance cognitive performance and increase awareness. When our brains are out of balance due to illness, stress, injury or trauma, it is not functioning at full capacity. Brain Training can restore the brain to its correct balance, ultimately improving our abilities at many different levels. Through the NeurOptimal® system, the brain is given information that it uses to correct itself, which ultimately allows the brain to function more efficiently. The positive results are achieved by monitoring electrical activity, giving the brain information it utilizes to create optimized functioning for any individual at any age. By harnessing the power of the brain, NeurOptimal® helps to support mental clarity, focus, wellbeing and internal awareness. Best of all, Brain Training is achieved while sitting in a relaxed state.
Awareness Matters
There is something within each of us that is beyond our thoughts and our feelings…that something is “awareness.” When we are aware, we have a level of understanding about ourselves that is far deeper, which allows us to experience life at a more meaningful level. The magnitude of brain training is that it allows for improved mental clarity, making it easier for individuals to maneuver more effectively through difficult life situations. In brief, it allows one to make better decisions based on their own personal ethics, integrity, character and belief system. Improved mental and cognitive functioning through NeurOptimal® training helps to significantly improve levels of mental and physical awareness, which contributes to increased productivity and the ability to make better life choices.
Why Choose NeurOptimal®?
NeurOptimal® is different than other brain training systems, as it is designed to work with each individual’s brain. It is a non-diagnostic brain training program that provides the brain with unique information about its own functioning in real time, thus allowing the brain to make its own internal corrections that improve overall functioning. The positive impact of NeurOptimal®neurofeedback training allows the brain to better self-regulate and become more efficient over time. Ultimately, this type of training leads to symptom improvement with a decreased need for medication. For anyone who may feel out of control regarding their mental, physical, emotional or spiritual well being, NeurOptimal® can restore the brain to maximum efficiency and balance. Whether it involves anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, headaches, trauma, anger, addictions or a host of other issues, NeurOptimal® can help better manage and significantly improve stress and its related symptoms.


About the Author
Mr. Richard Seldeen is a provider of NeurOptimal, a neurofeedback technology available to men, women and children who are struggling with brain imbalances such as depression, anxiety, addictions, ADD, and head injury. Also offered are the Tesla Energy Lights as fuel for integrating positive intentions and releasing stored physical energies. The combination of Tesla Energy Lights, NeurOptimal neurofeedback along with nutritional supplementation can assist with facilitating profound mental and physical transformation.