The Effect of Neurofeedback on the Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms of PTSD / February 28, 2016

Neurofeedback has shown to be highly effective in treating the symptoms of PTSD.  Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, is a research proven way to help you improve your brain function through intensive brain training exercises. PTSD is a disorder based in the brain.  A severe stress response is triggered by PTSD, which leads to numerous disruptive symptoms. The brain must be trained to turn off the stress response.

There have been many qEEG studies that look at the effectiveness of neurofeedback on the symptoms of PTSD in adults and children.  These studies have shown excessive cortical activation with PTSD.  These studies all suggest that neurofeedback is a very promising approach to alleviating these symptoms.  This is especially important because existing treatments may have limited effectiveness for many individuals with PTSD.

Here are some of the reasons that neurofeedback brain training is better than traditional treatments to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD:

  • It is shown to be highly effective
  • It is non-invasive
  • It is drug free
  • It is painless
  • It does not have any side effects
  • It is shown to be enduring, with sufficient training

Neurofeedback alleviates the symptoms of PTSD by training the brain to produce a calm state, as well as regulate the stress response.  The specific areas of the brain affected by PTSD can also be targeted and trained to produce healthier patterns.

The symptoms of PTSD effect the brain profile differently for each person.  NeurOptimal® is unique in that it does not force the brain in any particular direction, unlike traditional neurofeedback, but rather it provides each individual brain with the data it needs to function optimally and efficiently. The NeurOptimal® system facilitates brain changes through a natural process that allows the central nervous system to self-correct, requiring no effort on the part of the client, as the participant relaxes through the entire experience.

Frequently, the client reports that they are sleeping better as the first sign of improvement. As the training progresses, other symptoms will begin to improve, and it is often possible to significantly reduce medications after multiple training sessions.  After sufficient training, a person with PTSD will be able to maintain a calm state on their own.  When they have reached this stable state, neurofeedback treatments can be decreased until no further training is necessary.

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